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Trump Gets The Last Laugh On Entitled Celebs With What He Just Banned MINUTES Before Oscars!

Hollywood celebrities have been throwing attacks on the President Donald Trump since he won the election. These celebrities have banded together in an effort to resist Trump’s administration and his policies. Now, a few moments before the Oscars, President Trump just rained on their parade and it is hysterical.

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This evening I guarantee that their speeches will be full of attacks against Donald Trump. Over the last few weeks, these entitled Hollywood celebrities have been angered over Trump’s “travel ban”, which as we know is just a vetting process.

Well, this move seems to be working perfectly since the U.S. immigration officials have barred a Syrian cinematographer.

According to Freedom Daily, The Department of Homeland Security reportedly has blocked Khaled Khateeb from traveling to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards. The director was supposed to enter the country on Saturday but that has changed after U.S. officials reportedly found “derogatory information” regarding Khateeb. What that means is anyone’s guess really. It could be that he had some irregularities on his passport or something far worse, but whatever the reason is, he is not getting in.

Khateeb was supposed to attend the award ceremony for his 40-minute Netflix documentary “The White Helmets”. The documentary covers the Syrian civil war and is nominated for Best Documentary Short.

I am 100% sure that the liberals are hating Trump now more than ever. But we know the truth. We are just glad that this man was stopped and that Trump’s vetting process is working.

What do you think about this? Let’s giggle at them over this one! HA-HA!


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