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Eric Bolling Just Annihilated Loser Obama With Brutal News, He’s So Humiliated Now

Grumpy liberals in this country have been unrelenting in their attempts to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency, and now some cowardly Republicans have joined in, because they want to be “where the action is.”
However, Fox News commentator Eric Bolling knows what a transformative president Donald Trump is, and recently trashed Democratic politicians and their lemming-like followers with brutal news about Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama.
On Cashin’ In, Bolling delivered his comments during the Wake Up America segment, and slammed how Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump’s recent speech before the joint session of Congress as “all talk, no action.”
Said Bolling, “President Trump isn’t all talk, no action. In fact he’s done more in 45 days than your guy (former President Barack Obama) did in eight years, maybe even longer. He talks the talk and walks the walk. In fact, he runs the run.”
Bolling then rattled off the incredible number of achievements Trump has already done, including: hiring 10,000 border agents, nixing America’s involvement in the American job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, securing our ports of entry by restricting travel and immigration and making clear progress on building the border wall with Mexico and repealing and replacing Obamacare. Are you proud to have a man of action like Donald Trump as your President, instead of ineffectual speech giver Obama?

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