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Voter Fraud Expert Explains How Democrats Rig The Elections

This may not surprise you, but a massive voter fraud has happened right in front of us. The investigative organization Black Box Voting released a new documentary which offers a perfect view in the voter fraud that “contaminates” American elections. Producer Bev Harris did a great job, you’d all agree. The documentary shows how software “activities” can change the election results at the right moment. According to Harris, this is “the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found.”

The latest evidence confirms the President’ claim that our “system is rigged.” So, if you take into consideration every proof we got so far, you’d agree that our system is super-rigged.

Estimations go up to 3 million illegal aliens who will actually vote because the system allows them to do so. Remember, there’s no voter ID law that will force them to show their documents. And yes, this only adds to the number of dead voters who cast their vote and the maneuver that “fixed” the voting machines.

The President wouldn’t be able to win if people didn’t recognize his good intentions on time. Imagine what would’ve happened if Hillary didn’t get those “extra” votes. We still don’t know the real number of illegals who voted for Clinton, but she lost the elections, and that’s just fine.

Bev Harris knows more about voter frauds than any other expert on the subject. Her non-partisan organization has been working on the problem since 2003. The electronic voting machines were her first target.

Harris revealed that this software is used in every state, and it represents the strongest ace of manipulators. The software “causes votes to be ‘fractured’ so they can be rounded in order to change the results in favor of any candidate the cheater wishes to support.”

The votes are tabulated locally, then entered in the machine, and “spit out.” The whole process is known as “black box” voting because it can’t be monitored. But, there is “a backdoor access.” This helps election supervisors to access the results before they are brought out. Sounds like a perfect way to alter the results, right?

Harris said that the system “can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses… All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.”

This has been happening for decades. But, they lost anyway.

What do you think about the election system? Will they find a way to “mend” it?

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