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Trump Just Dropped A Bomb On The Feds…

President Trump is doing what he campaigned to do. He is being criticized for his execution of his plan, but he isn’t complaining. This is part of battling the establishment. This is what was to be expected by stepping on degenerate’s toes. Not everyone is happy, but what’s more important, his supporters are happy. Trump supporters delight in the fact that he is doing what he said. That’s a rarity as it is in normal life, even more so in Washington.

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From Patriot Journal:

Donald Trump campaigned on a vow to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. While in many ways Trump has been criticized from the right for not being a traditional conservative, he is a businessman who knows how expensive personnel can be. We’re now learning that his “drain the swamp” promise extends to paring down the bloated federal government workforce.

For generations, Republicans have vowed to scale down the size of government, but that was an empty campaign rhetoric. It’s not as if these GOP leaders were at risk of turning off one of their voting blocks either — it is a well-known fact that federal bureaucrats tend to vote Democrat anyway. This week many of them will be getting pink-slipped if a new story from the Washington Post is accurate:.

President Trump’s budget proposal this week would shake the federal government to its core if enacted, calling back numerous programs and expediting a historic contraction of the federal workforce.

This would be the first time the government has executed cuts of this magnitude — and all at once — since the drawdown following World War II, economists and budget analysts said.

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According to an economic analysis by Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, the reductions outlined so far by Trump’s advisers would reduce employment in the region by 1.8 percent and personal income by 3.5 percent, and lower home prices by 1.9 percent.

Millions of voters will be cheering this news, but there is a caveat. As the Post notes, Congress will have to authorize this budget, and the remaining Democrats are obviously going to put up a fight.

Not surprisingly, some Republicans are hesitated of sign off on these cuts, too. Having President Trump in the White House and a GOP majority in the House and Senate isn’t going to be enough to ensure that Trump’s campaign promises will come to pass, as voters are already learning.

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Concerned citizens must find out whether or not their Republican representative is one of those on the fence and make every effort to tell them not to back down on this budget.

This is the exact accountability conservatives have been looking for over the last several years. Is it going to be dismissed because Trump isn’t an establishment Republican? It sure seems that way when GOP leadership speaks about him. It seems like Trump is stepping on toes of everyone, in politics, that usually means he’s doing the correct thing.

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