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Breaking: Evidence Proves FBI Wiretapped Trump Tower, Trump Is Vindicated [Details]

Numerous opportunistic public figures, who are actively trying to take establishment-bucking change agent Donald Trump down, have gone on the record to say that there is no evidence that wiretapping was conducted at Trump Tower.

Even some Republican lawmakers, such as “Never Trump” Congressman Devin Nunes from the blue state if California, have publicly chastised Trump for his allegations. Even FBI Director James Comey has stated that there is no evidence that Trump Tower was bugged. Unfortunately for these people, new evidence just proved otherwise and vindicated Trump.

According to a report from ABC News, the FBI was actively wiretapping Trump Tower in 2013. The FBI obtained a warrant to run surveillance on organized crime that was working out of Trump Tower’s unit 63A.

Explained former FBI official Rich Frankel, who now works for ABC News, about Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, “Everything was moving in and out of there. He would have people come in and meet with them. He would use the phones. He would also communicate, whether it was through e-mail or other communications through there. His base of operations was in the Trump Tower.”

Explained court documents about what the FBI was doing, just three floors below Trump’s penthouse, “Mr. Vladim Trincher was on one occasion intercepted speaking with a customer of the gambling operation who owed a debt of $50,000.” The FBI got a recording, regarding another mobster named Maxim, where Trincher  “threatens the customer that Maxin would come and find him, would come and find the money and that he should be careful, lest he be tortured and lest he wind up underground.” How can the FBI deny that they wiretapped Trump Tower after this?

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