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Traitor Comey Just Made Most Sickening Announcement Yet, Trump Needs To Act Now [Details]

FBI Director James Comey, who was appointed by former President Barack Hussein Obama in a failed attempt to appear “bipartisan,” has proved to be one of the most slippery figures in our government’s history.

He first aided career criminal Hillary Clinton by not pressing charges. He turned on liberals, however, by reopening the case against her right before the election. Now, however, he has been abusing the FBI’s power and attempting to attack Trump by trying to force the Department of Justice to discredit him. He recently made a very disturbing statement that should force Trump into action.

At a recent cybersecurity conference in Massachusetts, Comey let slip that he refuses to step down from his position, regardless of calls for him to resign for what he did. Boasted Comey in a disgusting way, “You’re stuck with me for about another six-and-a-half years, and so I’d love to be invited back again.”

He then gloated about the power of the intelligence agency and of judges, saying, “There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America; there is no place outside of judicial reach.”

 Comey continued, “Even our communications with our spouses, with our clergy members, with our attorneys are not absolutely private in America. In appropriate circumstances, a judge can compel any one of us to testify in court about those very private communications.” Do you think Trump needs to force this power-hungry traitor out?

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