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Krauthammer Has Genius Idea How To Kill Obamacare, It Can Work, Should We Do It?

While some Republicans have thrown in the towel and just want to move on, other conservatives are not willing to let Speaker of the House Paul Ryan get away with how he sabotaged President Trump’s attempt to repeal Obamacare.

One such conservatives who is determined to see through the elimination of President Obama’s disastrous law is Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer, who outlined his brilliant idea how Republicans can make this happen.

Said Krauthammer recently, “I don’t think there’s a reason why it has to be pronounced dead. The president had an ultimatum, he decided he would stick to it, he decided that as a result, he would not be involved. That’s fine.”

Charles added, “But it still an open question whether the Republicans in the House and in the Senate can negotiate among themselves. They were not that far apart. And then, you know I’ve been advocating this other alternative, where you abandon the restrictions that are imposed by the reconciliation process, meaning you stuff the bill with all the kinds of stuff you were gonna add later, stuff that would appeal to the Freedom Caucus. And you put that in the bill and you toss it over to the Senate. And if Senate Democrats want to filibuster, fine.”

He continued, “So I think there are several options, I don’t think they are that far apart. I think it’s perfectly reasonable that they could negotiate a deal among themselves, and I do think that in the Fall, when Obamacare’s problems are really going to come to the surface, again, spiking premiums and deductibles. And it gets worse every year. There’ll be less nostalgia for Obamacare than you have found in the current debate.” Do you think Krauthammer is right? Watch below:

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