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Trey Gowdy Demands A Body Be Exhumed

For the first time in recent history, a United States Congressman has asked that a body be exhumed because of a connection with an investigation by a House intelligence committee. Judge Harmon Watson agreed to give the order for a crew in Virginia to exhume the body of Vince Foster for an autopsy.

The order came after breaking evidence turned up in the case of a murdered journalist had an letter show up that explained a few new details in the case.

Foster’s body has now been removed from the ground. It will be transferred to the Naval Hospital in Norfolk to undergo an autopsy and look for a specific and conclusive cause of death. This would be big news opening up in this case, which has gone quite cold in recent years. Gowdy has roved once again that he is not scared to go against the grain in demanding these types of things

As of right now, the information that belongs to the case is being a hidden and kept secret by Trey Gowdy and his federal prosecuting staff.But with this new evidence coming in, it is quite possible that Hillary Clinton will see justice after all. She has gotten away with too much already.
Let us hope that the truth in this case comes to light and the people responsible will see justice be done. Trey Gowdy has been killing it lately with his questions and demands. We should be seeing more and more of these demands in the future as the truth starts to break.
Gowdy is a true conservative hero that should be followed by many. We need more Republicans like him in Congress if we want to continue to progress as a party.
What do you think of Trey Gowdy’s demands? Do you applaud him for his latest questions?

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