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JUST IN! Secretary Tillerson Set To Bring The Axe Down On The State Department

THIS IS HUGE! Rex Tillerson announced something incredible. Trump’s promises for a large government cut are becoming reality. The liberal elites are now in real danger. Their accomplices are going to be fired. Read more below:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was just caught fulfilling President Donald Trump’s mission to reduce the size of the government. He is going to save U.S. taxpayers a ton of money.

Heck yes!! Cut that government down. the new plan will trim the State Department’s budget by 25% and cut its staff by 3%, says the Associated Press.

You hear that?

That’s the sound of the swamp draining and it sounds good. The majority of the job cuts will happen after people just begin retiring from their posts.

The cuts are going to take at least two years to happen, according to Bloomberg.

Here is what Tillerson had to say about this via NPR:

“We are undertaking a reorganization of the State Department, but it’s not just a collapse of boxes,” he said. “What we really want to do is examine the process by which the men and women — the career foreign service people, the civil servants, our embassies — how they deliver on that mission.”

Trump is draining the swamp!

H/T Liberty Writers News

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This is the new beginning of the reformated and strong America. They can not abuse this country anymore. Donald Trump and his team started draining the swamp and it is a great decision. It was clear that many people obstructed Trump’s work, but he is going to settle the score.

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