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BREAKING: Trump’s Finances Finally Revealed – Media SHOCKED

Many Democrats and liberals remain convinced that there’s something rotten about President Trump’s finances. After all, these people don’t know what it means to gain success through hard work.

Recently, a 98-page U.S. Office of Government Ethics document spilled the beans about President Trump’s finances. All told, Trump has personal liabilities worth $315.6 million, and an income of $594 million, via Dennis Michael Lynch. This news OBLITERATES the liberal narrative that Trump is debt-laden and broke!

This document also proved that most of President Trump’s money comes from two sources: The Trump National Doral golf course and resort in Miami, and his Mar-a-Lago resort.

No shady deals, here — just pristine real estate.

Compare this to the incomes of professional politicians like Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. These people, who have never built anything or created anything, routinely take six-figure checks in exchange for speeches about the supposed benefits of globalization, and the neoliberal world order.

In the case of the Clintons, they took dirty money for speeches, and sold American uranium to the Russians, via National Review.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, many liberal talking heads insist that there’s a bombshell lurking in President Trump’s tax returns.

 Even Rachel Maddow’s historic flop, where she unveiled that President Trump paid a whopping $38 million in taxes in 2005, has not convinced every liberal, via Vulture.

It’s a hard pill for the left to swallow, that our president was a wealthy man before taking office. Unlike his predecessors, who have only known academia and politics, he’s a smart businessman who doesn’t need the filthy lucre of lobbyists, or special interests.

The obsession over Trump’s finances is just another trick from the “Resistance,” and it’s a part of their strategy to completely delegitimize President Trump.

 This is why the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, supported by no evidence whatsoever, continues to grind on. Similarly, the theory that President Trump has irregularities in his taxes will continue.

The left simply want Trump drummed out of office. Unfortunately, all this agitation will likely result in a conviction for someone — most likely a completely innocent individual.

The modern left has completely lost its mind. It’s time for the Republican Party, who have held the reigns since November 2016, and will for another four to eight years, to put a stop to these orchestrated campaigns to delegitimize our president.

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