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Senate Republicans Do The Impossible

It’s a miracle. They said it couldn’t happen, said it wouldn’t happen, said it was impossible. They said, even Republicans like John Boehner said this, that Republicans never agree on health care.

 Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi weren’t taking any chances are pulled out all the stops to derail the GOP Obamacare repeal and replacement.To be honest it wasn’t looking good for a while. And Congress has a long recess looming. Next week.  No, it didn’t look good at all.

Actually, it seemed impossible that Republicans could pull it together and get the job done.

Until today. The day that will be forever known as the day Obamacare died. Because Mitch McConnell knows the rules of the Senate better than anyone.

And he pulled off a master class in how to make the Senate work for conservative ideals. A master class.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has called for a vote to officially and finally end the job killer and premium riser that is Obamacare next week – before they go on the July 4th holiday.

Know this, Mitch McConnell would never in a million years call for a vote unless he knew he would win. He is way to savvy in the ways of Washington to stick his neck out like this.

Translation – Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and the whole damn Obama family, even the ones far away in Kenya, know this means that his legacy is officially over. A failure. A dud.

He staked his presidency, his legacy, and the future of the Democratic party on Obamacare. It failed miserably and the Democrats and Obama’s legacy lay in ruins.

But Nancy Pelosi held out hope, noting how hard it was for Obama to pass Obamacare – noting all the payoffs they had to hand out to get the votes – she remained confident the Republicans couldn’t do it.

But when she heard these words from Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.):

“I believe we’re going to vote before the Fourth of July recess on a healthcare plan, a repeal and replacement of ObamaCare,” her jaw literally hit the floor with a loud thud.

Game over Pelosi and the Republicans didn’t have to pay off one special interest group to get it done.

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